Re: change default doc/view initialization

mosfet <>
Wed, 25 Jul 2007 18:56:57 +0200
mosfet a ?crit :

Scott McPhillips [MVP] a ?crit :

mosfet wrote:


I am wondering if it would be possible to change the default doc/view
initialization defined like this :
    CSingleDocTemplate* pDocTemplate;
    pDocTemplate = new CSingleDocTemplate(
        RUNTIME_CLASS(CMainFrame), // main SDI frame window

in a default project doc/view creates the first view but since I am
managing views myself I would like to create the first view inside
the MainFrame::OnCreate and add it to the Document.
Is it possible ?

You can pass NULL instead of a view class to suppress the view
creation here.

In this case Do i need to declare A CChildView ?
or if I do this it should work ?

int CMainFrame::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
    if (CFrameWnd::OnCreate(lpCreateStruct) == -1)
        return -1;

CMyView * pView = new CMyView();
    if (!pView->Create(NULL, NULL, AFX_WS_DEFAULT_VIEW,
        CRect(0, 0, 0, 0), this, AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST, NULL))
        TRACE0("Failed to create view window\n");
        return -1;

I tried the following code :

int CMainFrame::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
CFrameWnd* pFrame = ((CFrameWnd*)AfxGetMainWnd());
    CDocument* pDoc = GetActiveDocument();

    CCreateContext context;
    context.m_pNewViewClass = m_pView->GetRuntimeClass();
    context.m_pCurrentDoc = pDoc;
    CView* pView = STATIC_DOWNCAST(CView, pFrame->CreateView( &context ));
    ASSERT(pView != NULL);
  and it doesn't work since pFrame and pDoc are NULL in the OnCreate;

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