Re: Access Violation in MSVCRDT.DLL

"Drew" <dam@dam.dam>
Wed, 3 Oct 2007 13:25:28 -0500
What happens if you do something like:

void CMyFrameWnd::OnClose()
 CDocument* pDocument = GetActiveDocument();
 if ( pDocument != NULL )
  pDocument->m_bAutoDelete = FALSE;
 delete pDocument;


"David Sanchez" <> wrote in message

I have a suite of applications written in VC6 using STL and MFC. The issue
is for the pass month I have been making changes to a common used DLL in
suite which caused me to recompile all the accessing applications. Now
recompiling I get ACCESS VIOLATION 0xc0000004 in MSVCRDT.DLL on exiting
application. I also noticed the it occurs when the DOCMANAGER is being
deleting from memory. The other thing is when running in the debugger
exiting the module SBHEAP.C line 238 is where the exception occurs. I
this is miss leading but I included it just in case.

Any ideas on why after 10 years of clean exits, one recompile and MFC is
blowing up?????
David Sanchez

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