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On Oct 3, 1:10 pm, "Mark Salsbery [MVP]"
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Hi all,

i'm working on an application whose hierarchy is

one CMDIFrameWnd and multiple CMDIChildWnd objects for different

i wanted to create a functionality for left mouse double click event,
i added the message
and created the corresponding function definition

i ran the application with spy+ but i never saw the double click
all i saw was left button down and left button up messages.
for example i opened visual studio and tracked the messages with the
and still got the two messages for button down and button up, never
saw the message double click

how does this double click works. how the other applications
implemented the double click functionality


Make sure the window class has the CS_DBLCLKS style.


Mark Salsbery
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++

i came across the style CS_DBLCLKS and added the style as below
CParentFrame is derived from CMDIFrameWnd and the rest of the windows
are CMDIChildWnd.

when you say that i need to create the window class, are you referring
to this or CWinApp

BOOL CParentFrame::PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs){
    return FALSE;

    // When called from LoadFrame, via GetIconWndClass, we're supposed
    // to return the default window class name (something like
    // "AfxMDIFrame42").
    // This information is then modified and used to register the
    // "Afx:x:x:x:" class, using the relevant icon/cursor/etc.

    // The new class name is then passed to CreateEx. We're called
    // again to modify styles, etc.

    // Now, we _could_ fill in the WNDCLASS structure and register the
    // class fully the first time.

    // Or, we could be lazy and let MFC fill it in for us, and then
    // just register it with a different name. If we do this, we need
    // to be careful not to change the default class name during
    // GetIconWndClass.

    // The first time through, cs.hInstance is NULL.
    if (cs.hInstance) {
        static const TCHAR className[] = _T("jcCANitha");

        // Get the existing WNDCLASS.
        WNDCLASS wc;
        m_hInst = cs.hInstance;
        VERIFY(GetClassInfo(cs.hInstance, cs.lpszClass, &wc));

        // Change the name.
        wc.lpszClassName = className;

        // Register the renamed WNDCLASS.

        // Use the new one. = | WS_SYSMENU | CS_DBLCLKS;
        cs.lpszClass = className;

    return TRUE;


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