Re: TransparentBlt troubles...

 hamishd <>
Fri, 09 Nov 2007 11:29:55 -0800

The docs say link to Msimg32.lib ... I've personally never had to do this
explicitly in a project in Visual Studio but it mught be worth a shot.

That fixed it, but I'm still having problems. The bitmap only flashes
up for a split second (or when i'm resizing it flashes). How do I keep
it on the page?

BOOL TestView::OnEraseBkgnd(CDC* pDC)
    return FALSE;//CView::OnEraseBkgnd(pDC);

void TestView::OnDraw(CDC* dc)
    TestDoc* pDoc = GetDocument();

    CDC dcMem;
    HDC hMemDC = CreateCompatibleDC(dcMem);

    CMemDC pDC(dc);

    CRect rect;

    int B = 10;
    int W = __min(rect.Width(), rect.Height());
    W = (W - 2*B)/16;

    CBitmap foo;
    BITMAP bitMapInfo;
    TransparentBlt(dc->m_hDC, 100, 120, bitMapInfo.bmWidth,
bitMapInfo.bmHeight, dcMem.m_hDC, 0, 0, bitMapInfo.bmWidth,
bitMapInfo.bmHeight, RGB (0, 128, 128));

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