Re: Print Preview Behavior in an MFC app

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Sat, 25 Oct 2008 15:07:01 -0700

This looks like quite an easy fix. I am going to give it a try. The only
concern seems, like you said, IsFrameWnd which is only relevant when called
by GetParentFrame. I believe I have a few GetParentFrame calls, but I usually
put a safeguard with a IsKindOf call to verify that the frame returned is
indeed CMDIChildFrame.


"Anthony Wieser" wrote:

I found a partial old solution on CodeGuru, and followed up a lead from one
of the commenters

Now, what I ended up doing was in my CMDIChildDerived class I added a member

and added this change of implmentation for is frame wnd.

BOOL CMDIChildDerived::IsFrameWnd() const
 return m_bPrintPreviewFrameHack ? FALSE : CMDIChildWnd::IsFrameWnd();

Then in my view class, I handle OnFilePrintPreview, where I get my parent
(the CMDIChildDerived class), and set it's hack flag, and then call the
CView::OnFilePrintPreview implementation.

My first try was to immediately set the flag back as the commenter suggests,
but that caused an assertion failure.

So, I decided to try overriding CView::OnEndPrintPreview, and setting it
back there, after calling the default.

The net effect is that while my program is in preview mode, I claim my
window isn't a frame wnd.

Obviously this will break if for whatever reason my code were to call
GetParentFrame inside print preview, but I don't do this in my code.

Maybe this will work for you too.

Anthony Wieser
Wieser Software Ltd

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