Re: SDI w/multiple simultaneous views?

Wed, 10 Dec 2008 23:23:01 -0800 (PST)
OK, I have successfully created multiple views on opening a new
document, using the following (from one of the links above):

void CAnalyzeDoc::CreateAdditionalView(char viewName[])
    CMDIFrameWnd* pMainFrame = reinterpret_cast<CMDIFrameWnd*>
    CMDIChildWnd* pActiveChild = pMainFrame->MDIGetActive();
    CDocTemplate* pTemplate = GetDocTemplate();
    CFrameWnd* pFrame = pTemplate->CreateNewFrame(this,

    pTemplate->InitialUpdateFrame(pFrame, this);
    pActiveChild = pMainFrame->MDIGetActive();
    CView* pView = pActiveChild->GetActiveView();

This is called multiple times from OnNewDocument to create extra
views, and it works.
Now I need to title each view differently. At the moment, each view is
titled [doc name]:n, where n=1,2,... . I need to display my own title.
SetWindowText and SetTitle apparently do nothing.

In the OnDraw, I need to know which view window I am drawing. I
suppose there is some way to determine that, but it would be most
convenient if I could set (or get) an ID number when I create the view.

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