Re: Using CHtmlView in a dialog (VC6)

Hans-J. Ude <>
Fri, 12 Dec 2008 12:56:53 +0100
Ajay Kalra <> schrieb:

On Dec 11, 11:43?am, Hans-J. Ude <> wrote:

Ajay Kalra <> wrote:

On Dec 11, 11:30?am, Ajay Kalra <> wrote:

On Dec 11, 6:26?am, Alexander <> wrote:

I have an old application (VC6) that uses CHtmlView in a dialog. It
works fine for online browsing but crashes the app on some sites (e.g.
Wikipedia). Does anyone know if VC6 compiles CHtmlView against IE4 or
does it use a newer version? Also, is there a more up-to-date option
for embedding a browser in a dialog using VC6?

Thank you all.

You can use CHTMLCtrl as shown by Paul Dilascia in MSJ/MSDN. ?(MSJ
issue was Jan 2000).


Code is available here:

OP said he is using VC6. I think therefore the code is ok. For newer
versions of VS it's a bit outdated. I have a patch somewhere and will
post it when I found it back.


It could be, the code worked as late as 2003. I dont think much has
changed but whatever it may be, should be rather simple to fix.

Indeed, it is ather simple to fix. I did it this way and never had
problems with it. The old version doesn't compile with VS2005.


void CHtmlCtrl::OnDestroy()
    // This is probably unecessary since ~CHtmlView does it, but
    // safer to mimic CHtmlView::OnDestroy.
    if (m_pBrowserApp) {
        m_pBrowserApp = NULL;
    LPDISPATCH lpd = GetParentBrowser();
    if (lpd)

    CWnd::OnDestroy(); // bypass CView doc/frame stuff

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