atypical LNK2005; not the usual

=?Utf-8?B?RkhEQg==?= <>
Thu, 5 Nov 2009 11:17:01 -0800
 LNK2005 in an MFC project, VS2008:

I have the common LNK2005 error, but the cause is not inclusion of a .cpp
file. To be sure, I searched the project. There were more of these, but some
were stopped by removing unnecessary ???.h??? includes. But in this case,
DualDoc.cpp must have an include of IteratorMonitor.h, because there is a
call to a function member of IteratorMonitor.

Two classes are involved: CdualDoc, which has a member function that calls a
static function member of IteratorMonitor.

This error refers to a simple global function pointer. It wasn't originally
???void???, but I simplified the data type in my diagnostic efforts. Both of the
flagged data structures are defined in IteratorMonitor.h, and ONLY there:

error LNK2005: "void * IteratorMonitorView" (?IteratorMonitorView@@3PAXA)
already defined in dualDoc.obj

error LNK2005: "class CArray<struct Thread_params,struct Thread_params &>
MyThreadTable" (?MyThreadTable@@3V?$CArray@UThread_params@@AAU1@@@A) already
defined in dualDoc.obj

And finally, fatal error LNK1169: one or more multiply defined symbols
found. Whatever this is, it is not the usual newbie error of multiple
definitions. But the compiler seems to interpret the inclusion of
IteratorMonitor.h, as such.

(Call in DualDoc.cpp to function in IteratorMonitor.cpp:

void CdualDoc::OnEditStartsolver()
    // TODO: Add your command handler code here

// IteratorMonitor::SetView( this );
    if( ! IteratorMonitor::SetView( this ) && this->iter_state != PAUSE)
    int mesh_length, mesh_height;
    mesh_length = dimensions.mesh_length; mesh_height = dimensions.mesh_height;
    int i,j,k;
    for( i = 0; i < mesh_length; i++){
        for (j=0; j < mesh_height; j++) {
            Mesh2D(&Mesh0,i,j).pressure= Mesh2D(&Mesh0,i,j).Vx=Mesh2D(&Mesh0,i,j).Vy=0;
    IteratorMonitor::initiate_solver( *this );


#pragma once
#include "Stdafx.h"
#include "afxwinappex.h"


/* class Thread_params : public CObject
    CWinThread* thread; CdualDoc* p_MeshDoc; int x_min, y_min, x_max, y_max;

struct Thread_params { CWinThread* thread; CdualDoc* p_MeshDoc; int x_min,
y_min, x_max, y_max; };

typedef CArray<Thread_params, Thread_params&> Thread_Table;
Thread_Table MyThreadTable;
// IteratorMonitor view

class IteratorMonitor : public CEditView

    IteratorMonitor(); // protected constructor used by dynamic
    virtual ~IteratorMonitor();
    VOID IteratorMonitorWrite(int, int, int );
    CView *GetView();
// static CView *pView;
// static HWND MonitorHandle;

#ifdef _DEBUG
    virtual void AssertValid() const;
#ifndef _WIN32_WCE
    virtual void Dump(CDumpContext& dc) const;



    static VOID OnIteratorMonitor();
    static int SetView( CdualDoc* );
    static VOID initiate_solver(CdualDoc& );
    static void solver_step( CdualDoc& );
    static void NavStokes_step( CdualDoc*, int, int, int, int );
    static UINT __cdecl NavStokes_Thread( Thread_params& );
    static UINT __cdecl Pressure_Thread( Thread_params& );
    static UINT __cdecl Correction_Thread( Thread_params& );
    static float pressure_solver_step( CdualDoc*, int, int, int, int );
    static void solver_correction_step( CdualDoc*, int, int, int, int );
    static void NavStokes_interior( CdualDoc::Mesh_array*, int&, int& );
    static void NavStokes_N_boundary( CdualDoc::Mesh_array*, int &, int & );
    static void NavStokes_S_boundary( CdualDoc::Mesh_array*, int &, int & );
    static void NavStokes_E_boundary( CdualDoc::Mesh_array*, int &, int & );
    static void NavStokes_W_boundary( CdualDoc::Mesh_array*, int &, int & );

    afx_msg LRESULT On_Thread_NavStokes_Done( WPARAM, LPARAM );
    afx_msg LRESULT On_Thread_Pressure_Done( WPARAM, LPARAM );
    afx_msg LRESULT On_Thread_Correct_Done( WPARAM, LPARAM );

CView *IteratorMonitor::pView;
HWND IteratorMonitor::MonitorHandle;

VOID *IteratorMonitorView;

// dualDoc.h : interface of the CdualDoc class

#pragma once

//class dialog_mesh_size;
#include "Stdafx.h"
#include "resource.h"
#include "dialog_mesh_size.h"
const int NSIDES=2;
enum direction{N,S,E,W,C};
#define CellDimX (float)1.0
#define CellDimY (float)1.0
#define CellDimXx2 (float)(2.0*CellDimX)
#define CellDimYx2 (float)(2.0*CellDimY)
#define CellVol (float)( CellDimX * CellDimY )
#define CellVol_sq (float)( CellVol * CellVol )
#define CellDimX_sq (float) ( CellDimX * CellDimX )
#define CellDimY_sq (float)( CellDimY * CellDimY )
#define Visc (float)1.0
#define Rho (float)1.0

class Cell:CObject
    float Vx, Vy, pressure, pressure_correction, residual;


class CdualDoc : public CDocument
protected: // create from serialization only

// Attributes
    enum run_state{RUN, PAUSE, STOP} iter_state;

// Operations
    static CdualDoc * GetDoc();
// Overrides
    virtual BOOL OnNewDocument();
    virtual void Serialize(CArchive& ar);
    virtual BOOL AddFloatView();
    dialog_mesh_size dimensions;

// Implementation
    virtual ~CdualDoc();
#ifdef _DEBUG
    virtual void AssertValid() const;
    virtual void Dump(CDumpContext& dc) const;
    typedef CArray<Cell, Cell&> Mesh_array;
    Mesh_array Mesh0, Mesh1;
    Mesh_array* pMesh, *pMesh_previous;


// Generated message map functions
    afx_msg void OnEditStartsolver();
    afx_msg void OnEditStopsolver();
    afx_msg void OnEditPausesolver();
    afx_msg void OnEditResumesolver();

class Submesh:CObject {
    CdualDoc* p_MeshDoc;
    int x_min, x_max, y_min, y_max;

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