Re: Heap stack Class questons

Oliver Regenfelder <>
Wed, 02 Jun 2010 18:26:51 +0200

RB wrote:

I have the following confusions on Class creation. It appears
from macro expansion and stepping thru the framework calls
that the DocTemplate which holds the original Doc/View members
are created as nameless object instances referenced with a ptr
on the heap, correct ?
// eg:
CSingleDocTemplate* pDocTemplate;
pDocTemplate = new CSingleDocTemplate(

// So if I derive a class as say,
 { int Whatever = 1;
     MyClass() {}
   ~MyClass() {}
class CFileHandlingDoc : public CDocument
   MyClass MyClassObj;
   ///------rest of class
// is MyClassObj here, created on the heap or the stack ?

It depends on where your CFileHAndlingDoc object is created.
If the CFileHandlingDoc object is on the stack then the MyClass
object will be on the stack.

// And finally am I correct in ascertaining that as long as I don't
// actually create a class (or anything ) using
WhateverType* pWhatever = new WhateverType;
// then I don't have to worry about
delete pWhatever; // in the destructor or where ever
// correct ??

If you create objects dynamically you should use smart pointers so
you don't have to think about the delete.

Best regards,


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