Sendmessage: from one thread to mainthread (CFormView)

mfc <>
Sun, 5 Sep 2010 11:01:36 -0700 (PDT)

I`m new to MFC; therefore I want to know if I do the right thing on
the right place :-). My mfc project is a unicode sdi application.

In my cdoc OnNewDocument class I load a xml file including all the
user-specific data. I hope this would be the right place to do that.
All xml nodes are stored in a cstringlist in the cdoc class.

BOOL CMIAppDoc::OnNewDocument()
if (!CDocument::OnNewDocument())
     return FALSE;

// Initialize COM

//CStringList *m_XmlList; declaration in the cdoc header file
m_XmlList = XmlFile.LoadUserXml();

return TRUE;

To get this CStringList for each view - simple call

But which would be a suitable / recommend way to get the CStringList
m_XmlList to a non-mfc class? For example, I`ve installed a webserver
with a class HttpServer, which loads the specific html resource and
adds these information (inlcuded in m_XmlList) to the webpage.

class HttpServer
//and so on

BOOL HttpServer::GetFileRequest()
CString protoHTML("");
CString userHTML("");

//load html resource
if (GetHTML(id , protoHTML) == true)
    //get xml file resource from CFormView

    CFrameWnd * pFrame = (CFrameWnd *)(AfxGetApp()->m_pMainWnd) ;
    CView * pView = pFrame->GetActiveView() ;
    CStringList *plist = (CStringList *)pView-

SendMessage(UWM_GET_WEB_XML, 0, 0);

    POSITION Position = plist->GetHeadPosition();
   userHTML.FormatMessage(protoHTML, plist->GetAt(Position), plist-

GetNext(Position), plist->GetNext(Position));


In my CFormView I`ve added this small method to get the CStringlist
with the specific xml user data.



But is the way I`m trying to send a message to the CFormView class
really a good solution? Moreover the class HttpServer is included in
another thread which is generated if a new socket connection is

I often read in the www that you should only use PostThreadMessage()
and not SendMessage; but in this case I need the information (xml user
data) before executing the next step in the HttpServer-class method.

best regards

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