Re: dynamic display of line placement (graphic) in all views as its in progress

"Scott McPhillips [MVP]" <org-dot-mvps-at-scottmcp>
Tue, 02 May 2006 07:33:22 -0400
<uST93wdbGHA.4040@TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl> wrote:

I am drawing a line pDC->Line(...) in my view 1.. suppose there are 3
more views for the same document are open . The views which are
referencing same area as view 1 should also reflect the rubberband
effect as I go on placing the line. now current effect if.. first I
complete the placement of line
in view 1 then I call GetDocument()->UpdateAllViews(NULL, 0, NULL); so
the line reflects in other views aswell. I want to see the line
placement in all views as its in progress. How I may achieve it.
calling UpdateAllViews in MouseMove event may not have irritating
any idea?


(1) Save the coordinates of the line in the document so all views can
use it when they draw.
(2) Calling UpdateAllViews will cause every view's OnDraw to be called.
(3) For each view's OnDraw: Find an example of how to do the drawing on
an in-memory bitmap, then bitblt the bitmap to the view. This prevents
the irritating effect ("flicker"). Search for CreateCompatibleDC and
the DrawCLI sample code.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

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