Re: Writing Text on a Layered Window

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 5 Jun 2006 10:37:01 -0700
You should do this sort of thing in an OnDraw routine (if it's a view) or
OnPaint to do other kinds of windows and use a buffer of the data. You can
clear out the window first and then repaint the correct information and
these routines will get called whenever this needs to be done. You can also
make it smarter by just redrawing part of the window, but you could always
redraw it all if the slight flicker doesn't bother you. This article might
be interesting to you:


<> wrote in message

I'm attempting to write a program that uses layered windows and i'd
like to write text on the window and be able to replace the text at a
later time but when I try to just write new text it overlaps the old
text and, as you can imagine, looks pretty damn bad. I used a standard
CDC (device context) to write the text which works on a window that
doesn't use the layered attribute. Is there a better method to drawing
the text /or/ is there a way to force an erase/redraw of the base
picture of the layered window?

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