Re: Text Ticker

"John Carson" <>
Sat, 19 Aug 2006 15:52:13 +1000
"Prafulla T" <> wrote in message

Hello experts

i was asked to do a simple project
1-want do a text ticker can be scroll left to right and right to left
3-no flicker
4-has a background image

please where can i start and how do it

thank you

1. Create a memory device context memDCBackground (use CreateCompatibleDC).
    1a. If you have a background bitmap, then select it into
    1b. If you don't have a background bitmap, then create a bitmap of an
appropriate size (use CreateCompatibleBitmap) and select it into
memDCBackground. Make the necessary GDI calls to create the background in

2. Create a memory device context memDCComplete. Create a bitmap of an
appropriate size (CreateCompatibleBitmap) and select it into memDCComplete.
Call SetBkMode to set the background mode of memDCComplete to TRANSPARENT.

3. Scroll the text image by
    3a. BitBlting the background from memDCBackground to memDCComplete,
    3b. Writing the text onto memDCComplete in the new position,
    3c. Bitblting from memDCComplete to screen.

John Carson

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