Re: Change color of a (solid) CBrush?

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 23 Feb 2007 23:48:35 GMT
"Harvey" <> wrote in message

No, its a CBrush returned from OnCtlColor() for a CEdit control as:

        return (HBRUSH)(myBrush.GetSafeHandle());

I assume that I must return a HBRUSH, right?

Yes, definitely you need a CBrush for this, no way to get by without it.

So, looking at this again, Is there some reason not to do:

 myBrushHandle = (HBRUSH)(myBrush.GetSafeHandle());

elsewhere in the same place as I change the color (seldom),
and only:

 return myBrushHandle;

from OnCtlColor()?
I guess the question is how 'safe' is a 'SafeHandle' to last the life
of an application? Why do I not see this recommended?

Mostly because MFC programmers like to use CBrush (the MFC object) as much
as possible and only convert it to the Win32 equivilent (HBRUSH) when
absolutely necessary. Also, having both a CBrush and HBRUSH members is
overkill, as only one is necessary.

BTW, since OnCtlColor() returns an HBRUSH, you can just say

    return mybrush; // MFC object has operator HBRUSH so you don't need
to manually cast it

-- David (MVP)

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