Re: Forcing a screen repaint??

"David Ching" <>
Tue, 1 May 2007 16:18:18 -0700
"Peter Olcott" <> wrote in message

The code that your provided does not appear to make every desktop icon
flash like when font smoothing is changed through the control panel. I
need it to provide exactly the same result as that of the change to the
control panel.

Use SystemParametersInfo() with these constants: SPI_SETFONTSMOOTHING,

Make sure you specify the flag to send ini changes to the open windows

BTW, I still don't know how this works. If my app has a hFont that is
cached and it is not cleartype, and I use it every time my OnPaint() is
called, then how does hFont automatically become cleartype'd just by virtue
of setting the Cleartype on in the Control Panel (or using the above
method)? I don't think it can. My app will still paint in non-cleartype
(at least the parts of my app that use hFont). Right?

-- David

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