Re: Drawing continuously(dynamically) in MFC .

"AliR \(VC++ MVP\)" <AliR@online.nospam>
Tue, 21 Aug 2007 10:44:48 -0500
If you are going to draw continuously you will block everything no matter
what. I would suggest drawing every so often (Every 500 millseconds or so).
TVs refresh at 30 frames pre second, and a human eye can't really see the
refresh rate at 20 frames per second.
Anyway, if I was doing this I would probably do the drawing to an offscreen
DC/Bitmap and then force a WM_PAINT (Invalidate(),UpdateWindow()) when the
new image is ready. If the drawing takes too long you can even put the
drawing to the offscreen bitmap in a seperate thread.


<> wrote in message

Hi Folks,

I have to develop an application in which I would like to paint the
screen (view/dialog) as long as the application exists. I am recieving
some data from the below layers and I should paint the screen
accordingly. In betwwn user may click on the screen , can change the
color of the line I have drawn etc.

Correct me If I am wrong..If I draw my screen from OnPaint or OnDraw()
my application would hang and I want to handle other events also so
this option is ruled out.

So what may be the solution , I have to remember what I have drawn
using some data structure and tell Onpaint function to draw those
everytime it gets called ?
or is there any other better way of doing that?

Please post a link to a sample if u have .


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