Re: GUI update

"David Ching" <>
Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:10:49 -0700
"RAN" <> wrote in message


I have a serverprogram with a CListCtrl, displaying 2 collumns with
BytesIn and BytesOut.
Those BytesIn and BytesOut represent the number of bytes comming in
and going out of the server socket. If i startup 10 clients that
connect to the server, they al send about 100 bytes of data at a 1ms
interval. The problem is that my server GUI is not getting updated,
how do i get this done? Is it something with PeekMsg() ? I dont want
to make everything threaded...

Is the socket running on a worker thread or the UI thread? IOW, can you
drag the window around with the mouse while its running, and does the UI
move, or is it frozen?

Regardless, the UI isn't given a chance to update. Either because you're
saturating the message pump with too many messages, and no WM_PAINT can
occur until all of them are gone, or else you're not pumping messages at all
due to the fact the socket is monopolizing your UI thread.

-- David

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