Re: Order of Parent / Child WM_PAINT messages

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 28 Nov 2007 16:34:10 -0800
I've never tried to do what you're doing, but if I were to do it I'd
probably still try to use something like a CStatic (transparent) then draw
what I needed on the control. You may find Ali's article to be interesting:


"Timothy Dean" <> wrote in message

This is drawing that I have to do on top of other controls to "decorate"
them. The controls are actually contained in another CWnd that is
contained inside the form view. Once all of the child windows contained
in the form are painted, I then need to do drawing on top of the controls
in a type of layered system (similar to AutoCAD). Whether or not I draw
to the view isn't the issue. I could contain everthing in another CWnd,
but I would still have the same problem. The parent CWnd or CFormView
receives the paint first, and then all of the child windows receive the
paint message. How would I draw something to the parent window that will
overlap any child controls? If I could somehow get the paint message sent
to the parent last, everything would be ok. Is there a way to change the
z order that would control the order? Would I be better off creating
another CWnd that would overlap all of the other controls, but would be a
sibling instead of a parent to all the other controls? Thanks.

Timothy Dean

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