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Tue, 1 Jan 2008 13:42:21 -0500
"Al" <> wrote in message

When adding a CRichEditCtrl member to a CScrollView class, then creating
m_DrawRTF.Create(WS_BORDER | ES_MULTILINE | WS_VSCROLL, rcPos, this,
Then streamin some rich text into the control. What function displays this
text into the CScrollView class?
For instance this code below displays the text in a message box, what
function will display text in the CSrollView class
 // Perform the streaming

 // Show you the first 500 chars of rich codes


The rich edit control is a window that has its own code internally for
displaying text.

CScrollView is a window that only displays whatever you paint in its OnDraw
method. With, for example, pDC->DrawText().

When you create a rich edit in the scroll view you are creating a window
that appears above the scroll view and covers it. You have to decide
whether you want your text in a rich edit or in a scroll view. Combining
the two won't get you anywhere: They are two radically different ways to do
the same thing. The rich edit does the painting for you, but only the way
it wants to. The CScrollView will let you paint anything, but with quite a
bit more work.

If you want the rich edit features then start over, and select CRichEditView
as your view class. This gives you a rich edit control that fills the
client area.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

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