Re: Is it possible to fix this WINDOWS bug?

"Paul Baker [MVP, Windows - SDK]" <paulrichardbaker@community.nospam>
Thu, 6 Mar 2008 12:18:51 -0500
Which two phases are you talking about? WM_ERASEBKGND and WM_PAINT? That's
just a convenience. You can do all the handling in WM_PAINT if you want and
design it to minimize flickering. Is the "bug" just with an edit control and
its default message processing? Notepad does flicker a little excessively on
my computer and when compared to other applications.

I would like you to decide where you believe this "bug" lies so we can limit
our discussion to that.


"Somebody" <> wrote in message


I agree, but would say that it is just 'more noticable' when you resize
in a direction that requires a move + resize, but the flicker is just
down to the speed of your PC. A slow PC will see significant flicker with
just a resize operation. I don't think its a windows *bug*.

My computer is not "slow", it is not the latest on the market either. This
window I am resizing is just a simple floating mini frame window with a
CEdit embedded inside of it. If it takes a Cray super computer to resize
that without flicker, thats a Windows bug.

As I said, the real Windows bug is that when you drag from the points that
require a move AND a resize, Windows does it in 2 passes rather then one.

Anyways, the fact, that I *did* end up finding a work around tells me this
is a Windows bug :).

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