Re: if InvalidateRect() requests a big rectangle, then why OnPaint() gets request for 0 size rectangle?

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Wed, 29 Jul 2009 06:58:05 -0700
From SDK:

A window may receive internal paint messages as a result of calling
RedrawWindow with the RDW_INTERNALPAINT flag set. In this case, the window
may not have an update region. An application should call the GetUpdateRect
function to determine whether the window has an update region. If
GetUpdateRect returns zero, the application should not call the BeginPaint
and EndPaint functions.

I think you should also always pass the message down to DefWindowProc.

"Mark_Galeck" <> wrote in message

Of course, this has nothing to do with my calling InvalidateRect() - I
printed this out just to show that the window exists and the message
is sent.

But really, the very first call to OnPaint() happens when the window
is first painted. In my case, OnPaint() always gets rectangle of zero
size, and GetClipBox() also returns NULLREGION. So that's the
problem, I need to know why this is.

The window is legitimate I think, it was successfully created with

CWnd *mainWnd = theApp.m_pMainWnd;

if( Create(
*theApp.pRect(), // location and extent
) ) {
TRACE(_T("file %s line %d\n"), __FILE__, __LINE__);

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