Re: Is a smart pointer smart enough to increase ref count during assignment?

"Alexander Nickolov" <>
Tue, 3 Oct 2006 09:51:11 -0700
As an aside note, don't forget to use CAdapt when placing
CCop[QI]Ptr in an STL container. The smart pointer overrides
operator& and STL contrainers require the classes used with
them don't do that. ATL's solution is CAdapt<>:

stl::vector< CAdapt< CComPtr<IUnknown> > >

Alexander Nickolov
Microsoft MVP [VC], MCSD

"JD" <> wrote in message


Is CComPtr p1 in the assignment "p1 = p2" below smart enough to increase
the ref. count by 1?

CComPtr<IUnknown> p1, p2;
p1 = p2; // assignment operation

The reason I ask is that I have a container holding CComPtr<IUnknown>'s.
During a container operation, there may be some internal copy (assignment)
operations. All the member CComPtr's will automatically call the release
function during the container's desctruction. So I want to make sure that
smart pointers will handle copy (assignment) operations as expected, i.e.
automatically increasing ref count.

So, does p3 below increase the ref count too?

CComPtr<IUnknown> p3(p1); // copy operation

Your help is appreciated.


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