Re: Logical OR (||) ??

Rui Maciel <>
Mon, 25 Jun 2012 01:45:06 +0100
ArbolOne wrote:

#define SQLITE_ROW 100 /* sqlite3_step() has another row ready */
#define SQLITE_DONE 101 /* sqlite3_step() has finished executing

rc = sqlite3_step(stmt);
if (rc != (SQLITE_DONE) || (SQLITE_ROW)){
std::cout << "Error " << rc << std:;endl;

having looked at the snip above, can any one tell me why this program
would display:
                 Error 100

For your program to display that message, the value returned by
sqlite3_step(stmt) and assigned to rc is 100. In other words,

so, looking at the if statement, if rc == SQLITE_ROW then the first
expression, rc != SQLITE_DONE, is evaluated to 0. This leads the logical or
operator to evaluate the right hand side expression. As the right hand side
expression is SQLITE_ROW, and as you've defiend SQLITE_ROW as representing
100, as it is unequal to 0 then the logical operator yields 1.

Hence, you get the equivalent of if(1), and your program ends up printing
that "Error 100" message.

Rui Maciel

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