Re: map/set iterator not incrementable error - VS2005

"P.J. Plauger" <>
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 18:48:29 -0400
"VC >" <VC@RT.COM<NoSpam> wrote in message

This is a working 32 bit code.
I am getting this error after porting to 64 bit.

Then print out pID before and after casting to size_t. My
bet is you'll be horrified at what's happening there.
(size_t gets bigger on 64-bit machines.)

"P.J. Plauger" <> wrote in message

"VC >" <VC@RT.COM<NoSpam> wrote in message

I get the assert "map/set iterator not incrementable" in my app for the
debug build for the following piece of code

Sample &Samples::GetSample(SQLPOINTER pID)


Samples::iterator b_it = begin();

STD_::advance(b_it, reinterpret_cast<size_t>(pID)); // Assert occurs

return b_it->second;


I added a check to see if I am at the end() iterator before calling
advance but still no luck.

So how big is pID? If advancing b_it pID times takes you past end()
you'll get this assert (as well you should)?

P.J. Plauger
Dinkumware, Ltd.

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