Re: version control system recommendations for VS C++ 2008 (standard)

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What do people use for version control with VC++ 2008? I have the
standard edition, which doesn't have any built-in version control
functionality, AFAIK. Do you recommend any external tools?

I should have mentioned that I'm the only programmer on this project,
which changes the balance of features vs mental overhead, probably. Do
you still recommend subversion and its GUI?

  Depends on your comfort level with things. If you're a hardcore
commandline interface type, then subversion or git from the
commandline is probably best. If you like a traditional separate app
for version control (like Microsoft SourceSafe), then the free version
of Perforce is probably best. The TortoiseSVN UI for subversion
integrates into Windows Explorer, so you can right click on
files/folders and do all your version management with that.

  Even on my solo projects at home, I'm at the point of *really*
wanting source control. Programming without it is like programming
without a net. You want to have the history and backups on files, so
that you can see what was done, and when. I was originally skeptical
about using TortoiseSVN after years of standalone apps (SourceSafe,
Perforce at work, and also WinCVS at home), but I've gotten pretty
comfortable with it.

Also note that there are other GUIs for subversion with a more traditional
"separate app" interface. But the only drawback I've ever found to the
explorer integration of TortoiseSVN is that it complicates upgrading (new
versions every few weeks) because the files are in use unless you kill off
your desktop.

Another big benefit of subversion that I forgot to mention is that it works
on a lot of platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris, Digital Unix, etc.)
and on many different CPUs (x86, amd64, ARM, Alpha, etc.) Not important for
most developers, but when its important it makes a big difference and you
pretty much never get that portability from closed source tools.

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