Re: version control system recommendations for VS C++ 2008 (standard)

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Sun, 14 Jun 2009 13:09:32 -0500
"Nathan Mates" <> wrote in message

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Another big benefit of subversion that I forgot to mention is that
it works on a lot of platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris,
Digital Unix, etc.) and on many different CPUs (x86, amd64, ARM,
Alpha, etc.) Not important for most developers, but when its
important it makes a big difference and you pretty much never get
that portability from closed source tools.

  So does Perforce -- it's quite crossplatform. (CVS, git are also

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see binaries for ARM, Alpha, etc.
I'm looking here:

Can the client be rebuilt from source for other CPU architectures, or are
you stuck with what Perforce provides (typical for closed source software)?

very crossplatform too.) And another benefit of Perforce I forgot to
mention is that it also has a *very good* commandline interface. That
makes it very easy to have a script (e.g. perl) that monitors a
perforce database, and when files are changed in certain directories,
it kicks off a new build, sending emails when things go wrong. That
really helps in team environments.

Yes, subversion allows these things as well. git can't (it's distributed so
there's no single location to trigger scripts) and rcs and cvs are missing
not only commit hooks but basic stuff like atomic commits. And personally I
always found git very clumsy to use. Not so with subversion.

And hooks/triggers have nothing to do with the command-line interface (or
shouldn't). At least with subversion, scripts are able to access the
repository through a real object model, no need to construct command lines
or parse the results. Of course a good command-line interface lets you hack
together programmatic access that isn't designed in.

Nathan Mates
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