Re: process mp3 file

"osmium" <>
Wed, 3 Mar 2010 07:12:25 -0600
Michael Doubez wrote:

On 3 mar, 13:11, asit <> wrote:

I need to process some mp3 files(like extracting the title, lyrics,
etc) and store in a database.

Is there any free and open source library available for this ??

Plenty and your favorite search engine will gladly answer your

Note that this is a C++ language discussion group and answering
directly your question would be off-topic.

I suggest that your direct such questions to a group related to audio
programming or to the specific OS you are targeting.

Please come back if you have a C++ question.

{{Here! A nice answer to an off-topic question, isn't it ?}}

It sounds to me like the exact equivalent of "I know what time it is but I'm
not going to tell you".

Your comment that there are "plenty" indicates that you actually know of
several. On a smugness scale, I give it a 9.0.

To the OP: the link might *possibly* be helpful, but there is still a lot
of stuff to slog through when a one-word answer could save a lot of time.

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