Re: New to C++, which IDE?

"Bo Persson" <>
Mon, 7 Apr 2008 19:17:41 +0200
Pat wrote:

I am going to need to develop some C++ modules for use in another
application (commercial FEA code produced by Ansoft). I think the
programming needs for this are pretty basic, and so was thinking
one of the free C++ IDEs would probably do. The three I'm
considering are:
1. Visual Studio C++ Express

2. Bloodshed Dev-C++

3. Code::Blocks

Any opinions on which of these would be best for a newbie (i.e.
easiest to use)? I'll be running this on an HP Workstation (dual
Opteron 280s) running Windows XP Pro x64.

Along the same lines, since I'm new to C++ (but not programming) I
was thinking of picking up a copy of "C++ Primer Plus" by Stephen
Prata. It's gotten pretty good reviews on Amazon, and looks like it
would be a good reference for beginners. Any other suggestions
though are welcomed.

If you are developing for Windows, Visual Studio is the native
environment and already contains the compiler. A natural choice, if
you don't have any other very specific requirements.

Bo Persson

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