Re: Not finding help for standard C functions

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Fri, 20 Nov 2009 17:11:51 +0200
"Chris Saunders" wrote:

First thanks very much for the response Alex, I appreciate it.
First allow me to let you know that I am not very accostumed to
Visual Studio and won't become so either. I mostly progam in a
language called Eiffel and my Eiffel compiler used to need
Visual Studio because it writes C code based on the Eiffel code
and uses Visual Studio to do the compiling. It actually now
uses the compiler from the Windows SDK.

Would you have a link for where I could download the latest
version? I have a need to look up some documentation on C

Well, Visual Studio documentation comes in the form of MSDN
library. MSDN library can be installed locally on your machine
(usually from the same DVD disc you installed Visual Studio from).
Alternatively, you can use online MSDN library, which is almost
identical to what you have on DVD. Here is the direct link to
VC++2008 reference:


MSDN Library is a huge archive of data. If all that you need is
occasional reference for C functions, then may be it will be
easier for you to go to the online version instead of installing
it locally. However, during MSDN installation you can choose which
parts you want to install. You don't have to install the whole

Here is the link to the offline version of MSDN library for



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