Re: Adult student flunking C++ class!

"Daniel T." <>
Thu, 15 Apr 2010 22:57:55 -0400
<> (Richard) wrote:

"Daniel T." <> spake the secret code thusly:

[...] Apple's documentation at is first rate and
you can sign up and download all the tools for free.

Umm... I've used their documentation and I've used Xcode and while
I've definately seen worse documentation, I wouldn't call it first
rate either. They recently reorganized the documentation web site and
loaded it up with unnecessary javascript, breaking all the cached URLs
to specific pages and causing huge page load delays when browsing the
site. Having used Xcode, I also consider it inferior to Visual Studio
both in terms of scope/breadth of functionality and performance of the
IDE (I don't count gcc's compile-time performance against Xcode). When
faced with my Xcode frustrations, I thought surely I must be using
this wrong so I consulted my Mac programmer friends. Unfortunately
they confirmed that I was using things correctly and they agreed with
me that Visual Studio is superior to Xcode in a number of ways.

I've been told I'm an unusual bird. When I use XCode, I set the
preferences to "condensed" format. In this format everything gets its
own window. I used Visual Studio at work for years and the most
frustrating thing about it for me was the "everything in one window"
format. I was quite upset when Apple started putting whole apps in one
window too.

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