Re: Adult student flunking C++ class!

"Daniel T." <>
Fri, 16 Apr 2010 18:07:14 -0400
<> (Richard) wrote:

"Daniel T." <> spake thusly:

I've been told I'm an unusual bird. When I use XCode, I set the
preferences to "condensed" format. In this format everything gets
its own window. I used Visual Studio at work for years and the most
frustrating thing about it for me was the "everything in one window"
format. I was quite upset when Apple started putting whole apps in
one window too.

The first thing I do with Xcode is to change the UI layout so that
everything is in one window as much as possible. I forget if htis is
"condensed" or not; it sounds right.

No, that's the opposite of "condensed." Your thinking of the
"All-in-one" format which is the most like Visual Studio and the one I
like least.

I have always found it frustrating to have an OS that is designed to
handle multiple windows open at the same time, and then have to work in
a program that only allows one window open. Seems like such a waste.

VS has a docking system that pretty much lets you arrange the windows
any way that you want.

Except partially overlapping which is something I use extensively. I
also use Expose extensively while coding.

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