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James Kanze <>
Sat, 7 Aug 2010 07:32:07 -0700 (PDT)
On Aug 6, 10:47 pm, Ian Collins <> wrote:

On 08/ 7/10 08:43 AM, Sousuke wrote:

On Aug 6, 11:06 am, James Kanze<> wrote:

On Aug 6, 12:53 pm, "Balog Pal"<> wrote:

"=D6=F6 Tiib"<>

Why you are sorry? It may be any reason like for example it
is corporate policy. Like: "Open source? NO!" People using
awful things like MS Source Safe code repository because of
such evil fate forces them are not unheard of. What makes me
suspidous is that 2% (one from 50?) who somehow can use Unix

I still didn't get the point from the last round: what is
supposed to be so compelling about the unix toolbox on

So what do you use? There isn't a reasonable toolbox bundled
with Windows, nor delivered with VS, so you've got to use
something. (A lot of the Windows people here use perl.
Personally, I find that even worse than the Unix toolbox. And
it doesn't work well interactively.)

And why would you need such things?

The most common "things" L use (looking back through my
session history) are searches and filters. I see a lot of
loops where I've performed a search, filtered the result and
used the results to perform an operation. I'm not aware of a
windows tool that can do that, is there one?

If you've installed boost, your C++ has regular expressions, so
you can always create a new C++ project, compile it, and run it.
IMHO, not quite as convenient as just typing the command in at
the shell prompt, but, hey, it's cool, you need to use the mouse
to do it, and open some other windows, and who knows what all
else that's "modern".

More generally: I'm currently working in a Windows shop, with a
lot of Windows and Visual Studios experts around me, so I have
the occasion to see how things are done. For somethings, I was
surprised: I've watched one or two of the people editing with
VS, for example, and the cursor and text were flying around just
as they do when I'm editing with vim, without any time being
lost having to reach for the mouse. I don't know how to do this
with the Visual Studios editor---I've got vi in my fingers---but
apparently, it's possible. On the other hand, I'm constantly
getting questions about repeating tasks (like running an in
house pre-processor over a set of files) for which the only
answer I can give is: "if you have CygWin installed...". And
I'm getting the questions because the Windows experts don't know
how to do this with standard Windows tools. (In many cases, the
CygWin solution involves reading and parsing the solution and
project files. It sort of surprises Windows people that you can
actually extract filenames from a project file, and use them as
arguments to a command, at the command line.)

James Kanze

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