Re: Grumble...

"Balog Pal" <>
Sun, 8 Aug 2010 00:34:05 +0200
"jacob navia" <>

I must have somehow got into people's killfile without ever having
posted so much in the NG, but I will persist. James, this "scripting
tasks" that you keep talking about, have you ever considered writing
them with Powershell? MSBuild is Microsoft's version of Ant and you
can invoke Powershell scripts from that and perform whatever the heck
you want. Powershell can also be used to write repetitive tasks the
Ian Collins asked about in another thread. I noticed another poster
named Ralph also mentioned this elsethread but expectedly that wasn't
taken up either. Is there simply a refusal to look at what is
available on Windows and simply parrot Cygwin as a solution to any

There is no blinder person as the man that doesn't want to see...


just for the record, you don't have to infest your machine with the cygwin
nightmare just to us the toolset, as the whole pack is available in native
WIN32 build at sourceforge:

and there are really native versions that for example understand * patterns

It really beats me how people who are actually capable of writing software
of any (working) kind can stumble on the problem of "repeating tasks".
using just anything at hand or writing.

Extracting file list right from the .vcproj is a fine idea, but I never did
that as my sources are organized in folders anyway. And running a command
against them can be done just by the simple *.cpp match in the folders.

And needs no program, just the for command:

for %x in (*) do call whatever.bat "%x"

(if used inside a .bat file, %%x instead of %x). Adding a /R processes the
whole tree or with /D can walk dirs. 'help for' to see more options.

The simple version worked back in DOS 3.3, probably earlier too.

It is capable to invoke stuff on processing text... what would solve James'
problem (IUC) without installing CW.

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