Re: std::vector destructor ?

eb <>
Wed, 14 Jun 2006 20:12:27 +0200
Rolf Magnus wrote:

Alan Johnson wrote:

eb wrote:

I have in a header file

Class MyClasse : public Foo

"Class" is not a keyword. Use "class".


... is not valid here.

std::vector <int> v;

Missing semicolon.

Nothing in the code for initialization
(and even if there is something, the error remains).

When the program quits, I get the error :

*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x083e8930 ***

I think this might be cause by the program wanting to free some already
freed memory

This dissapears if I comment out the incrimnated line ...

Which line would that be? On which line does your debugger tell you the
problem is happening?

Any idea ?

You need to post enough code for us to actually see the problem.

(to the OP) And it should be the code you actually tried, not some pseudo
code that contains a lot of other errors.

If only it would raise helpful answers, I'm more than happy to post the real
code. The incriminated line is pointed with an arrow.

This code is from qGo open source project at

Please be so kind as to provide *question related* comments in this thread.

I'm more than happy to discuss other code correctness issues in an other

 * board.h

#ifndef BOARD_H
#define BOARD_H

#include "defines.h"
#include "setting.h"
#include "boardhandler.h"
#include "stone.h"
#include "move.h"
#include <qcanvas.h>
#include <qdatetime.h>
#include <qpainter.h>
#include <vector>

class ImageHandler;
class Mark;
class Tip;
class InterfaceHandler;
class GameData;
class NodeResults;
class QNewGameDlg;

class Board : public QCanvasView

        Board(QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, QCanvas* c=0);
        void clearData();
        void initGame(GameData *d, bool sgf=false);
        void setModified(bool m=true);
        void updateCaption();
        ImageHandler* getImageHandler() { return imageHandler; }
        BoardHandler* getBoardHandler() { return boardHandler; }
        InterfaceHandler* getInterfaceHandler();
        Stone* addStoneSprite(StoneColor c, int x, int y, bool &shown);
        void updateCanvas() { canvas->update(); }
        void increaseSize();
        void decreaseSize();
        QString getCandidateFileName();
        void hideAllStones();
        void hideAllMarks();
        bool openSGF(const QString &fileName, const QString &filter=0);
        bool saveBoard(const QString &fileName) { return
boardHandler->saveBoard(fileName); }
        void setShowCoords(bool b);
        void setShowSGFCoords(bool b);
        void setShowCursor(bool b);
        void setVariationDisplay(VariationDisplay d);
        void setMode(GameMode mode) { boardHandler->setMode(mode); }
        void addStone(StoneColor sc, int x, int y, bool sound = 0) {
boardHandler->addStone(sc, x, y, sound); }
        void setHandicap(int h) { boardHandler->setHandicap(h); }
        GameMode getGameMode() { return boardHandler->getGameMode(); }
        void setMarkType(MarkType t) { boardHandler->setMarkType(t); }
        MarkType getMarkType() const { return boardHandler->getMarkType(); }
        void setMark(int x, int y, MarkType t, bool update=true, QString txt=0,
bool overlay=true);
        void removeMark(int x, int y, bool update=true);
        void setMarkText(int x, int y, const QString &txt);
        Mark* hasMark(int x, int y);
        void updateLastMove(StoneColor c, int x, int y);
        void setCurStoneColor();
        void removeLastMoveMark();
        void checkLastMoveMark(int x, int y);
        bool nextMove(bool autoplay=false) { return
boardHandler->nextMove(autoplay); }
        void previousMove() { boardHandler->previousMove(); }
        void nextVariation() { boardHandler->nextVariation(); }
        void previousVariation() { boardHandler->previousVariation(); }
        void nextComment() { boardHandler->nextComment(); }
        void previousComment() { boardHandler->previousComment(); }
        void gotoFirstMove() { boardHandler->gotoFirstMove(); }
        void gotoLastMove() { boardHandler->gotoLastMove(); }
        void gotoLastMoveByTime() { boardHandler->gotoLastMoveByTime(); }
        void gotoMainBranch() { boardHandler->gotoMainBranch(); }
        void gotoVarStart() { boardHandler->gotoVarStart(); }
        void gotoNextBranch() { boardHandler->gotoNextBranch(); }
        void gotoNthMove(int n) { boardHandler->gotoNthMove(n); }
        void gotoNthMoveInVar(int n) { boardHandler->gotoNthMoveInVar(n); }
        void navIntersection();
        void cutNode() { boardHandler->cutNode(); }
        void pasteNode(bool brother=false) { boardHandler->pasteNode(brother); }
        void deleteNode() { boardHandler->deleteNode(); }
        void clearNode() { boardHandler->clearNode(); }
        void duplicateNode() { boardHandler->duplicateNode(); }
        bool swapVariations() { return boardHandler->swapVariations(); }
        void doPass();
        void doSinglePass() { boardHandler->doPass(); }
        void doAdjourn() { emit signal_adjourn(); }
        void doUndo() { emit signal_undo(); }
        void doResign();// { emit signal_resign(); }
        void doRefresh() { emit signal_refresh(); }
        void doEditBoardInNewWindow() { emit signal_editBoardInNewWindow(); }
        void setVarGhost(StoneColor c, int x, int y);
        bool hasVarGhost(StoneColor c, int x, int y);
        void removeGhosts();
        short getCurrentX() const { return curX; }
        short getCurrentY() const { return curY; }
        int getCurrentMoveNumber() const;
        GameData* getGameData() { return boardHandler->getGameData(); }
        void setGameData(GameData *gd) { boardHandler->setGameData(gd); }
        void exportPicture(const QString &fileName, const QString &filter, bool
        void exportASCII() { boardHandler->exportASCII(); }
        bool importASCII(const QString &fileName, bool fromClipboard=false)
                { return boardHandler->importASCII(fileName, fromClipboard); }
        bool importSGFClipboard() { return boardHandler->importSGFClipboard(); }
        bool exportSGFtoClipB() { return boardHandler->exportSGFtoClipB(); }
        void countScore();
        void doCountDone();
        void numberMoves() { boardHandler->numberMoves(); }
        void markVariations(bool sons) { boardHandler->markVariations(sons); }
        void setBoardSize(int s) { board_size = s; }
        int getBoardSize() const { return board_size; }
#ifndef NO_DEBUG
        void debug();
        bool fastLoad, isModified, lockResize;
        void sendcomment(const QString &text) { emit signal_sendcomment(text); }

        // in case of match
        void set_myColorIsBlack(bool b) { myColorIsBlack = b; }
        bool get_myColorIsBlack() { return myColorIsBlack; }
        void set_isLocalGame(bool isLocal);
        bool get_isLocalGame() { return isLocalGame; }
        void refreshDisplay() { Move *m = boardHandler->getTree()->getCurrent();
updateLastMove(m->getColor(), m->getX(), m->getY()); }
        bool startComputerPlay(QNewGameDlg *dlg,const QString &fileName, const
QString &filter, const QString &computer_path);
        void set_antiClicko(bool b) { antiClicko = b; }

std::vector <int > v; // <------ There
public slots:
        void updateComment();
        void updateComment2();
        void modifiedComment();
        void changeSize();
        void gotoMove(Move *m) { boardHandler->gotoMove(m); }
        void coordsChanged(int, int, int,bool);
        void signal_sendcomment(const QString&);
        void signal_addStone(enum StoneColor, int, int);
        void signal_Stone_Computer(enum StoneColor, int, int);
        void signal_undo();
        void signal_adjourn();
        void signal_resign();
        void signal_pass();
        void signal_done();
        void signal_refresh();
        void signal_editBoardInNewWindow();

        void calculateSize();
        void drawBackground();
        void drawGatter();
        void drawGatter2();
        void initGatter();
        void drawCoordinates();
        void drawStarPoint(int x, int y);
        void resizeBoard(int w, int h);
        int convertCoordsToPoint(int c, int o);
        void contentsMousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
        void contentsMouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent*);
        void contentsMouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *e);
        void contentsWheelEvent(QWheelEvent *e);
        void leaveEvent(QEvent*);
        void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent*);
        void updateMarkColor(StoneColor c, int x, int y);

        QCanvas *canvas;
        ImageHandler *imageHandler;
        BoardHandler *boardHandler;
        int board_size, offset, offsetX, offsetY, square_size, board_pixel_size;
        bool showCoords;
        bool showSGFCoords;
        bool showCursor;
        bool antiClicko;
        QList<Mark> *marks;
        QList<Stone> *ghosts;
        Mark *lastMoveMark;
        bool numberPool[400];
        bool letterPool[52];
        Stone *curStone;
        short curX, curY;
        QTime wheelTime;
        ButtonState mouseState;
        NodeResults *nodeResultsDlg;

#ifdef Q_WS_WIN
        bool resizeDelayFlag;

        // in case of match
        bool myColorIsBlack;
        bool isLocalGame;
        bool navIntersectionStatus;


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