is there any problem the way i use ccomsafearray?

"thinktwice" <>
23 Aug 2006 05:09:23 -0700
i have a project written in vc2005(activex)
there is an interface method like this

HRESULT getChildren([in] VARIANT vParent, [out, retval]VARIANT

the implementation code something like this:
CMyImpl::getChildren(VARIANT vParent, VARIANT *pvChildren)
CComSafeArray<VARIANT> arrChildren;
CComPtr<IMyElementInterface> spElem;

.... //get element interface pointer;
CComVariant vt(arrChildren);
return S_OK;

there is a wierd problem :
i could run the program in IDE (press F5),but if i double click it in
explorer to run it, it alerts me an error.

which locates in
microsoft visual studio 8\vc\atlmfc\include\atlcomcli.h
line 1926:


here is the error location:

    CComVariant(__in_opt const SAFEARRAY *pSrc)
        LPSAFEARRAY pCopy;
        if (pSrc != NULL)
            HRESULT hRes = ::SafeArrayCopy((LPSAFEARRAY)pSrc, &pCopy);
            if (SUCCEEDED(hRes) && pCopy != NULL)
                vt |= VT_ARRAY;
                parray = pCopy;
                vt = VT_ERROR;
                scode = hRes;
                ATLENSURE_THROW(FALSE, E_OUTOFMEMORY); ////////////here

i don't know why this happens

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