Is there a better way to create an object?

Barzo <>
Mon, 12 Oct 2009 07:15:06 -0700 (PDT)

in my project I have a "noncreatable" object.
The IDL (simplified) is the following:

  helpstring("InterfaceA Interface"),
interface IAudioMixer : IUnknown
  [propput, id(1)]
  HRESULT PropertyA([in] short arg);
  [propget, id(1)]
  HRESULT PropertyA([out, retval] short* pVal);
interface IAudioPlayer : IDispatch
  [propget, id(3), helpstring("Returns a reference to a IAudioMixer
  HRESULT GetMixer([out, retval] IAudioMixer** pVal);


library MyLibrary

    helpstring("AudioPlayer Class")
  coclass AudioPlayer
    [default] interface IAudioPlayer;

    helpstring("AudioMixer Class")
  coclass AudioMixer
    [default] interface IAudioMixer;

Now, in the CAudioPlayer class I have a member:

CComPtr<IAudioMixer> mixer_;

and in the FinalConstruct I have to create the object:

CAudioMixer* p_mixer;
IAudioMixer* i_mixer;

HRESULT hr = CComCoClass<CAudioMixer>::CreateInstance(&i_mixer);

if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
  p_mixer = dynamic_cast<CAudioMixer*>(i_mixer);
  p_mixer->SetMixerObj( player_->getAudioMixer() );

I coded in this way because CAudioMixer::SetMixerObject is not part of
the IAudioMixer interface.
Is there a better way to do the same job?


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