Re: List and Maps

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Fri, 10 Nov 2006 11:07:00 +0100
Alamelu wrote:

char const* const AniArray[2] = {"Cat", "Dog"}; // I Couldnt intepret
this line

Concerning the use of 'const' here, please refer to the C++ FAQ

std::list<CString> const AniList(AniArray, AniArray + 2);
// What is const here

'const' always applies to the thing left of it (with the exception if there
is nothing, then it applies to the right). So, here you have a constant
object of type list<CString>.

typedef std::map<CString,std::list<CString> > ANI_TYPE_MAP;
ANI_TYPE_MAP m_aniMap;
m_aniMap [_T("Animals")] = AniList;

How is that code related?

std::list<CString>::iterator i_AniList;
for (i_AniList = AniList.begin(); i_AniList != AniList.end(); ++i_AniList)

// In the For Loop above, Complier says cannot do this i_AniList =

Right. "iAniList" is of type "list<>::iterator", which is an iterator that
allows modification of the elements. However, your list is constant, so you
can't extract such an iterator from the list. What you should use
is "list<>::const_iterator" instead, which only allows inspection of the

Lastly, some advise: you can't learn all this from the Usenet, get a good
book instead. Look at the reviews at and pick a good one.

Further, why did you quote all of Tom's reply without referring to it? If
you did refer to it, consider not top posting as it is not suitable for
making such relations clear. It is even considered rude.


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