Re: List and Maps

"Tom Widmer [VC++ MVP]" <>
Thu, 09 Nov 2006 15:10:30 +0000
Alamelu wrote:

Hi Tom,

I tried the example given in the Link provided by you,

#include <boost/assign/list_inserter.hpp> // for 'insert()'
using namespace boost::assign;

but it says cannot open include file.

Is this supported in .Net 2003?????????????

Yes. However, you need to download and install boost first. See

Note, you don't need to build boost to use the assign library, you just
need to download boost, and add the boost directory to your include paths.

This is what i am looking for .......

const std::list<CString> AniList = {"Cat", "Dog"};

 > typedef std::map<CString,std::list> ANI_TYPE_MAP;
 > ANI_TYPE_MAP m_aniMap;
 > m_ aniMap [_T(???Animals???)] = AniList

Using non-boost code, that should be:

char const* const AniArray[2] = {"Cat", "Dog"};
std::list<CString> const AniList(AniArray, AniArray + 2);
typedef std::map<CString,std::list> ANI_TYPE_MAP;
ANI_TYPE_MAP m_aniMap;
m_aniMap [_T("Animals")] = AniList;

Using boost, the first 2 lines become:

std::list<CString> const AniList(boost::assign::list_of("Cat")("Dog"));


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