Re: shared_ptr from auto_ptr in draft

From: (Alberto Ganesh Barbati)
Wed, 10 Oct 2007 16:42:46 GMT
Yechezkel Mett ha scritto:

I note that the draft (n2369) has shared_ptr constructors which take
auto_ptr. Since auto_ptr has been deprecated, shouldn't these be
changed to take unique_ptr?

Even if auto_ptr has been deprecated, I don't think the constructor with
the auto_ptr should be removed. However, I agree that adding a new
constructor that takes a unique_ptr is definetely a good idea,
especially because such constructor should take the unique_ptr deleter
into consideration. For example, if u is a unique pointer, then

  shared_ptr p(u);

should be equivalent to:

  shared_ptr p(u.release(), u.get_deleter());

without a dedicated constructor, it would be too easy to forget the
u.get_deleter() part.

Just my opinion,


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