Re: Make STL containers allocate aligned memory

Maxim Yegorushkin <>
Wed, 26 Nov 2008 09:32:47 -0800 (PST)
On Nov 26, 5:03 pm, Maxim Yegorushkin <>

On Nov 26, 4:42 pm, zr <> wrote:

I need to use STL containers that allocate aligned memory.


My compiler provides an aligned_malloc routine.

It is probably provided by a library shipped with the compiler, not by
compiler itself.

How can this be accomplished?

Something like this:

#include <memory>
#include <stdexcept>

template<class T, size_t alignment>
struct aligned_allocator : std::allocator<T>
    template<class U>
    struct rebind { typedef aligned_allocator<U, alignment> other; };

    typedef std::allocator<T> base;

    typedef typename base::pointer pointer;
    typedef typename base::size_type size_type;

    pointer allocate(size_type n)
        if(pointer p = (pointer)aligned_malloc(n, alignment))
            return p;
        throw std::bad_alloc("aligned_allocator");

    pointer allocate(size_type n, void const*)
        return this->allocate(n);

    void deallocate(pointer p, size_type)


Usage is:

    typedef std::vector<X, aligned_allocator<X, required_alignment> >


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