Re: Problems with std::map.insert() and std::map.find()

red floyd <>
Sat, 20 Dec 2008 22:49:04 -0800
(2b|!2b)==? wrote: wrote:

On Dec 19, 6:45 pm, "(2b|!2b)==?" <> wrote:

template<class T1, class T2>
class PointerMap

class RepositoryKey

Could you please also show how you use these classes. Especially a few
lines of code that demonstrates the problem...


A snippet of how I am using the classes:

void foobar(Rows& rows)
    typedef PointerMap<RepositoryKey, MyValueClass> DataDictonary ;
    MyValueClass * myValue = 0;
    long xch, ic, fq ;
    std::string symb;
    MyDataRowIterator it = rows.begin();

    for (; it != rows.end(); ++it)
        xch = (*it).xch;
        ic = (*it).ic;
        symb = (*it).symb ;
        fq = (*it).fq;

        //Does this 4-tuple exist in repository?
        RepositoryKey key(xch, ic, symb, fq);
        DataDictonary::iterator iter ;

        //NOTE: find() only works for first item inserted, so I have to
        //resort to manually iterating through all of the items in the map
        //and doing a comparison .... (the code below is how I want to
use it though ...)
        if ( ( iter = dictionary.find()) != dictionary.end() )

dictionary.find() what?

            myValue = (*iter).second ;
            //create a new value for this key
            if ( (myValue = CreateValue()) )
                //Now store the data in the dictionary
                //NOTE: Only the first insert works !
                dictionary.insert(key, myValue);
                throw std::bad_alloc();

        // Do something with the value ....

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