Re: Initializing arrays of objects

Victor Bazarov <>
Tue, 20 Oct 2009 21:31:58 -0400
Cristiano wrote:

I'm trying to compile this code:

template <typename T> class matrix
 class row
  T *data;
  row(int n) {data = new T[n];};
 } *rdata;
 int rows, cols;
 matrix(int r, int c) { rows = r; cols = c; rdata = new row[r](c); };

but I get:
    'Target of operator new()' : array initialization needs curly braces
    'new' : 'matrix<T>::row' no default constructor to initialize arrays of

Any way to fix the problem?

The simpler example would be

    struct A {
       A(int); // whatever that thing does

    int main() {
       A* arrA = new A[42](42); // I want a dynamic array of 42 'A'
                                // objects and each initialised with
                                // the number 42...

And, unfortunately, there is no solution, AFAIK.

If this is not just an exercise, consider using existing designs for
matrices. If this is for learning, consider that you've learned
something (the impossibility of initializing individual elements of a
dynamic array), and move on.

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