Re: Errors using shared_ptr<> and get_deleter in g++-4.1/4.3/4.4

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Daniel_Kr=FCgler?= <>
Tue, 13 Apr 2010 03:52:37 CST
On 12 Apr., 23:41, Mike <> wrote:

I'm trying to use shared_ptr and get_deleter in a library I'm
developing, but having problems with syntax errors. Below is a
reduced version that shows the errors I'm getting when building with g+


template <typename T>
struct NoDeleter
     void operator()(T *p)

template <typename T>
struct Deleter
     void operator()(T *p)
         delete p;

Note that these are class templates, so you
need to instantiate specializations of them
by providing a corresponding type as in


which you didn't do, instead you wrote


Either instantiate them with proper types or
consider to change these templates to
normal classes with a template operator()
overload like this:

struct NoDeleter {
   template <typename T>
   void operator()(T *p) {}

struct Deleter {
   template <typename T>
   void operator()(T *p) {
     delete p;

With the latter changes your code should compile
as written.

HTH & Greetings from Bremen,

Daniel Kr?gler

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