Re: odbc project

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Wed, 7 Nov 2007 21:44:35 -0500
Richard James wrote:

What is really absurd about this is that there is a recycling
of bad behavior going on here. [...snip...]
If you don't like Off Topic [OT] posts then just
don't reply. I mean really how hard can it be to ignore those posts?

Do you see what you're doing?

If you don't like people reacting to [OT] posts in their preferred
manner, just ignore those replies. I mean really how hard can it be
to let everybody do what they are entitled to in an unmoderated

See the point? No?

Somebody posts OT, then somebody else complains about the OT post,
then the OP complains about rudeness, then you side with the bozo
and chime in with your valuable analysis, then I show you how you
are wasting bandwidth... When is it going to end??? And it all
starts with an off-topic post, which has no business of being here
_in the first place_. Now, whose fault is that? Those who can't
ignore OT posts? Ppplease.

You need the last word? You may have it. Go ahead.

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