Revistiing using return value as reference

"Jim Langston" <>
Tue, 25 Dec 2007 12:00:36 -0800
 I remember there was a thread a while back that was talking about using the
return value of a function as a reference where I had thought the reference
would become invalidated because it was a temporary but it was stated that
it would not. This has come up in an irc channel but I can not find the
original thread, nor can I get any code to work.

Foo& Bar( int Val )
   return Foo( Val );

Will not work, can not convert Foo to Foo&

Foo Bar( int Val )
   return Foo( Val );

int main()
   Foo& Inst = Bar( 10 );

Does not work, same thing, can not convert Foo to Foo&.

Foo& Bar(int Val )
   Foo Temp( Val );
   return Foo( Val );

int main()
   Foo& Inst = Bar( 10 );

Does not work, checking the value of Val_ later shows garbage data
indicating the reference has become invalidated (as expected). Can anyone
remember the case where a temp value returned from a function can be used as
a reference and not invalidated immediately?

Jim Langston

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