Re: Better/prettier way to copy from one set to another?

"Jim Langston" <>
Thu, 4 Oct 2007 13:19:17 -0700
"werasm" <> wrote in message

On Oct 4, 9:45 pm, "Jim Langston" <> wrote:

I normally do my own iterations using containers, but have been striving
learn the standard algorithms and use them. One one point in my code I
simply want to elements from one set into another. This is what I was
to piece together copying the elements from std::set<size_t> Triangles to
std::set<size_t> SelectedSet:

std::copy( Triangles.begin(), Triangles.end(),
std::insert_iterator<std::set<size_t> >( SelectedSet,
SelectedSet.begin() ) );

std::insert_iterator<std::set<size_t> >( SelectedSet,
SelectedSet.begin() )
is a mouthful. Is there a simpler way?

std::inserter( SelectedSet, SelectedSet.begin() );

#include <set>
#include <iterator>

int main()
 std::set<int> s1;
 std::set<int> s2;

    s1.begin(), s1.end(),
    std::inserter( s2, s2.begin() ) );
 return 0;

Ahh, thanks. I had tried std::back_inserter and was getting an error that
set didn't have .push_back. So many inserters. Thanks again.

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