Re: Printing help

"Jim Langston" <>
Mon, 12 Nov 2007 17:25:13 -0800
"Latina" <> wrote in message

Hi, Can some one help to figure out why is only printing '{ }' and not
the values the user is entering?
Here is part of my code:

void IntegerSet::setString()
   for(element=0; element<26; element++)
cout<<" "<<element<<" ";

IntergerSet is some class. It seems to have some variable set.

 IntegerSet run;

 int temp, ele;
 int newSet[26];

newSet is an interger array.

 cout<<"\n WELCOME to the INTEGER SET PROGRAM!\n\n";
 cout<<"Maximun elements in the set is 25\n";
 cout<<"Enter how many elements you want in the set: ";
 cout<<"Enter the values: \n";
 for(int i=0; i<ele; i++)
      cout<<i+1<<": ";

You are assigning the values to the integer array.

 cout<<"Your set is: \n";

setString is working on it's array, which newSet is not a part of.
setString can't output this set becuase it doesn't see it.

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