Re: Question about singleton class design for tracing

TvN <>
23 May 2007 13:55:34 -0700
Hi Stephen,

Sorry for my previous double post - some errors in google...

    class TraceLevel {

I'd prefer to implement it as enum, I dislike such static members ;)

Will an enumeration give me the same type safety as using a static member?

Why not? ;) More over I think that enum more preffered in this case ;)

I'd prefer declare m_instance as static variable in this function, and
of course initiate it :)

So you would follow the approach that:

static Trace_State& Instance()
        static Trace_State m_instance;
        return m_instance;


And eliminate the static class variable m_instance. Right?

In this case (we are talking about some logger? ;) ) I need to know
that this object will be destroyed after all other object so I'd
prefer pointer:
static Trace_State& Instance()
        static Trace_State* m_instance = new Trace_State;
        return *m_instance;

Also I'd register with atexit() function which destroys it.

BTW: I did not find any error in code, moreover valgrind says that
there is no errors;) May be error in your code outside of this class,
looks like you out of bounds of some array or memory block... Try
valgring, usualy it could help to find such errors.

Good luck,

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