Re: Singleton class fails on reboot

"Axter" <>
5 Jul 2006 18:37:43 -0700
<> wrote:


I am writing a windows service. The code runs fine when I start the
service when my machine is running but
it fails to start automatically when the machine reboots. The code
bombs out when it reaches code that tries to access
a singleton class. This is the code.

void ClientLogging::initClientErrorLog(InstallationInfo install)

  // next line fails on a reboot
  string szLogLevel =


  Logging::LogLevel severity =

  m_pFileLogAppender = new FileLogAppender(severity, logFile); //this
line fails on reboot
  if(false == Logging::Instance().addAppender(m_pFileLogAppender))



The strange thing is ClientLogging is also a singleton, the first one
that is called, and this works fine.
This is called using:


But it is inside this that the problems arise, on the line as seen

string szLogLevel =

The code just terminates.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this, any pragma.
Could this be because I initialize static variables.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Your singletons should be created inside a static member function as a
local static variable.
That's the only way to garantee, that your singleton will be created in
a just-in-time order.
If you create your singleton as a global variable or a static member
variable, there's no way to garantee it will be initialized when it's
first used by another global object (like another singleton).
foo& foo::Instance() //Where Instance is declared as a static method
  static foo my_foo;
  return my_foo;

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