Re: Dynamic storage duration

Rolf Magnus <>
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 06:35:55 +0200
Adrian wrote:

On Apr 10, 1:52 pm, Ron Natalie <> wrote:

They don't get destructed if that is what you are asking. Now what
happens to the memory? Same as with malloc'd memory in C. It's
not specified. In practice systems nearly always reclaim all the
allocated memory upon exit. However, if your code allocates other
resources inside the object that the destructor is supposed to clean
up, it won't happen.

I wanted a gurantee on the freeing of memory. Guess it isnt so and I
will cleanup after myself.

Well, if you want a guarantee, you might find it with your OS. However, as
Ron already wrote, even if the memory is reclaimed, destructors of the
dynamic objects aren't called.

As long as I stay away from STL containers is there any problem with a
singleton implementation that uses a auto_ptr to hold the private
implementation as a static?

You might run into something similar to the problem mentioned in .

class AImpl

class B
        static std::auto_ptr<AImpl> impl_;

That should be deleted properly on exit?

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